BBC to axe BBC3?


The BBC is deciding whether or not to get rid of BBC3 in it’s plan to save £100m a year.

BBC3 has brought such shows as Torchwood, Gavin and Stacy, Bad Education and Being Human


If you want to sign a petition to save it click the link below:


#SocialMediaWhatsTrending – Sport, Social Media & ROI with Audiences

I attended #SocialMediaWhatsTrending event on the 29th of October, held at BBC Salford. One of the talks was about sports, and social media.

Chair: Ben Gallop, BBC Sport Head of Interactive & Formula 1
Panellist: Scott Davis, VP EMEA
Panellist: Chris Nield, Manchester City FC Social Media Executive
Panellist: Dan Walker, BBC Sport Presenter

Any Hope For Boro’ FC ?

Just had a quick look to see where good ole’ Middlesbrough are on the Championship table, turns out we’re 16th…out of 24. I suppose it’s not too bad but there’s so much room to improve. Middlesbrough have finally got rid of Tony Mowbray, but fans are anticipating who is going to replace him. With Boro’s next match on Saturday the 9th against Watford (currently 7th in the league) we hope to gain a few more points to help us gain a few more places in the league. 

By jojok94